Day 3: Paranormal Romance Blog Tour 2018

PRBTBanner2018Wow! Time flies when there are awesome books to read. It’s already the middle of the blog tour. So to kick off Day 3, I’d like to introduce you to Serena Spacey. I got to talk to her about her new release Sweet Cure, passion for writing, anime, her Halloween memories and all the exciting future projects she has in store for us.

  • What is your favorite Halloween costume or memory?

Serena Spacey: I am rubbish at making Halloween costume but when I was very small my mom used to always make us our costumes. They were never store bought so we often wore them for years in a row. My favorite costume was a mouse because she gave it an extra long tail. It was material stuffed with cotton and flexible enough I could play jump rope with it.

My sister was a cat with a similar tail and we just jump roped with our tails in the front yard before we went trick or treating.

  • Do you have a writing routine? Share what works for you.

Serena Spacey: I don’t have a job, but my husband does and my daughter goes to school. So from the time she goes to school and he goes to work (8:00 AM), the world is mine to conquer on the keyboard! Oh yeah but that means I’m responsible for the chores too. Which I’m terrible at because I’d rather be writing. My writing usually stops around 3:30 when my daughter comes home because it’s harder to concentrate.

  • What paranormal creatures or subjects would you like to write about?

Serena Spacey: I write about whichever I want to write about at the time I want to write them, so that question doesn’t quite work for me. Instead, I can answer that better in the last question.

  • Why did you start writing paranormal romances? Or what is some advice to anyone that is thinking of writing paranormal romance?

Serena Spacey: Inuyasha! Sorry, was that too strong? I started writing paranormal romances before I was even publishing, just for free on the internet. Although the anime Inuyasha isn’t technically shifter (one of my faves) and is a half demon? The shifting concept I always envision coming from him and his brother. Watch the show and watch his brother Sesshoumaru shift into a gigantic dog demon.

Even though Inuyasha doesn’t exactly shift, he has things that are flawed about him because he’s a half demon half human. Yet, he still has a lot of power behind him because of his half demon side.

That’s just shifters though. I’ve always loved playing around just in the paranormal too. I don’t see the paranormal characters as just aggressive, I see them as heroes with an extra burst of power from strength or special powers.

Advice to anyone wanting to write paranormal romances? Please love it. Don’t see it as a hot ticket genre spot to make some money with a sexy guy. Add something. Add fun to it. Add some plot pretty please?

Actually, confession? I did the opposite at first. I wanted to write my paranormal so bad, but I knew people saw the words PNR and expected lots of sexiness. So, I tried to make it sexy. It sort of worked, but it wasn’t something I always wanted to do. So now I am writing them for the romances and the plot I want without pages of anything else. They might not sell as well now, but I really just want to make the greatest books I can.

  • What projects are you working on right now?

Serena Spacey: I am working on a book called Demon Wedding. It’s about a girl who was raised in a world that lives next to a wormhole with a planet of demons. It’s huge and it’s been there for years. She comes by to see her best friend who is marrying a demon, but events occur and she accidentally gets pulled over. The demons can come over to her side, but she isn’t supposed to go over there.

I am also working on a coyote shifter book. Coyotes already have interesting folklore about being skinwalkers, so that just made it better. He gets to know a girl as they grow up together. She lives in the desert in a home but he lives in the wild. When she gets older though she gets in trouble and he transforms to save her. Then she finds out why he never transformed before and that’s when the story gets good.

I have more. I am always working. I love it.

sweetcurecvrSerena Spacey’s featured book for the blog tour is Sweet Cure. Secrets must be uncovered to find the cure that is plaguing the world. But will the ultimate sacrifice, the blood of their newborn child, be something they are willing to surrender?

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****For more information on Serena Spacey, please visit her website.



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