Day 1: 2018 Paranormal Romance Blog Tour

PRBTBanner2018Welcome to the first day of the 5th Annual Paranormal Romance Blog Tour. I am so excited to bring you these fabulous authors all week long. Plus, there are giveaways or discounts/deals listed with the authors interviews. So check back each day to see what goodies are available.

Our first author of the blog tour is Parker de Vesci. Parker is the author of the reverse harem paranormal romance, The Wyld. I had a chance to talk to Parker about her love of paranormal romance, memories of Halloween, and what she is working on next for us.

  • What is your favorite Halloween costume or memory?

Parker de Vesci: When I was in high school, I loved to sew my own crazy costumes, and I decided to be some sort of alien invader for Halloween. I sewed this to totally surreal lime green spandex catsuit and paired it with a sparkling golden cape. My big brother was great with electronics. So, he helped me make a “targeting helmet” complete with a scope that was attached to a wire that ran down my sleeve. When I would press a secret button on my palm, the scope would flip into place over my eye. The only problem was that we were a little overzealous with the power, so when the scope flipped into place, it would really whap me on the nose!

  • Who is your favorite romance or paranormal author and how do they influence you?

Parker de Vesci: I am a big lover of literature. And when you put together lit with romance, I’m totally sold. Give me Jane Austen or Hemingway, and I’m so there. I eat that stuff up.

  • Do you have a writing routine? Share what works.

Parker de Vesci: My writing routine is…write like crazy. I’ll go through long spurts of writing six-eight thousand words per day, then I’ll get burnt out and I’ll need to take a breather before I come back and do it all again.

  • What paranormal creatures or subjects would you like to write about?

Parker de Vesci: Ghosts. I think there’s something terribly romantic about ghosts. So much tragedy and complexity.

  • Why did you start writing paranormal romance and what advice would you give someone wanting to write PNRs?

Parker de Vesci: Whatever I’m writing, I want there to be romance in it, because that’s just me. It interests me and draws me in, and I write what I love. But I also love stories that are out of the ordinary and take me somewhere far away. Pairing the two was absolutely natural to me. As far as advice for someone interested in writing PNR, I would say that you really need to know your characters and make them the stars of their stories. I think that all stories, no matter what genre, need complex, well-developed characters. Without them, your story will fall flat.

  • What projects are you working on right now?

Parker de Vesci: Right now, I’m working on writing more of The Wyld, telling the backstories of the characters that we’ve gotten to know through the main storyline. The main storyline follows Alex as the reincarnation of an ancient, immortal empress, and when we meet her, all of her love interests already know her, even if she doesn’t know them. The books I’m working on now tell each of the guy’s stories as they came to know her and fall for her. It’s tons of fun. I’m also working on another reverse harem series that is less PNR and more high fantasy. I can’t wait to share that one with my readers.

thewyldcvrThe Wyld: A Fantasy Paranormal Romance, is Parker de Vesci’s first book in her reverse harem series. Orphaned and alone, Alex has been on the streets not knowing that another realm will soon be at her disposable. Sage, Silver and Ice have spent their lives looking for their beloved empress imprisoned in human form. Her secret is revealed finally, but she also finds out that there are others looking for her. Enemies of the crown since the beginning of time. She must return to claim her throne with the help of her warriors. She’ll need to sacrifice her love to save them all from one of their own.

Available at as a KU title.

Also, here is your treat from Parker de Vesci, a giveaway of her book, The Wyld.

Three lucky winners will each win a copy. GOOD LUCK!

For your own copy or to read as a KU title, here is the link to The Wyld on

For more information on Parker de Vesci, visit her website at:

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