Romantic Times (RT) Conference 2018 Wrap-Up: Here’s to the Memories!


Katherine Falk announcing her retirement at the RT Welcome Breakfast Wednesday morning.

Greetings everyone. I’ve had time now to decompress and unpack from RT in Reno. And boy, does it take awhile to do both. But it was an incredible experience to meet fans, hang out with other authors, and enjoy the celebration of what we all love-ROMANCE BOOKS! Turned out it was my first and last RT since Katelyn Falk is retiring. It was a shocking way to start out the con, but it just made everyone, I think, work harder to make fabulous memories of the last RT. So, I’m going to share some of those with you now.


Set up and ready at the Paranormal Genre Party on Thursday.

I roomed with the fabulous Kate Allure. She took me underwing and showed me the ropes at my first RT. We also helped each other out at our genre parties too. We each took turns being the other’s assistant. We had Wheels of Swag at our genre parties and lots of readers enjoyed the thrill of spinning the wheel and then getting a signed book. I met so many people in an hour and even some of my fans from around the country. That was so cool!


Hanging out with other authors at the 60s/70s Peace & Love Party on Wednesday night.

Kate and I

My roommate, Kate Allure and I, at the Steampunk party on Saturday night.

I also had a great time at the RT parties. Apparently, these are legendary. Wednesday night was the 60s/70s Peace & Love Party. Saturday night, I went to the steampunk party and entered the costume contest. I didn’t win, but hey, I gave it a whirl.


Meeting Mystipul (Mother of Dragons) at the RT Book Fair on Saturday.

On Saturday was the Book Fair in which I got to meet up again with fans and some of my author friends. It was cool to see everyone a last time before RT packed up for good. Sunday, I took my giveaway winner of the “Win A Trip with Marilyn to the Spa” giveaway. It was honestly one of the best prizes to do at the con since I love spas and wanted to share the experience with a lucky fan. Christina won the prize and we even hung out a little in the spa where you could order a meal, hang in the hot tubs or the Himalayan salt room before your treatment.


Christina, the winner of the “Win a Trip to the Spa with Marilyn Vix”, joins me for a picture in the fabulous pool/hot tub area of the Spa Toscana.

Overall, it was a great way to enjoy my first and last RT. Next year, the conference will reform into The Book Lovers Conference and will be held in New Orleans. One of the big changes is that they are moving the number of authors from 500 to 250 by invitation only. So, I am crossing my fingers that I’ll get an invite. We will have to see.


Some of the swag that I gave out at RT 2018.

I am thankful that I was able to go to RT in Reno and see the con in its original form before the changes start to take affect. At least I can say, yeh, I remember RT. And I have all those fabulous memories too. If I didn’t get to meet you at RT 2018, I am hoping to see more of you in New Orleans. Just keeping my fingers crossed! Salut!


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