New Release by Marilyn Vix: Love In One Act

It’s here. After almost a year, “Love In One Act”, is the new erotic steampunk romance by Marilyn Vix. It is on pre-order and will be released on Friday, May 4, 2018. Let Marilyn help you escape to London, 1893.

Elizabeth Bonicetti, a Victorian London actress, is propositioned by a young man, Mr. Lionel Conner, to be his first, and to teach him the finer points of love to be ready for his new wife. Trying to not let her feelings get in the way, she is determined to teach the “lessons” without becoming attached.

But she can’t help but fall for the young Airship captain. Will her stubbornness make her receptive to his final secret? Can the love she feels for him overcome the tragedy that brings them together in the end?

Releasing wide on Friday May 4, this novella is on pre-order at $1.99:

More retailers will be added when available.

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