Last Day for FREE Novella from Marilyn Vix: Happy Thanksgiving!


Last Day to download a novella from Marilyn Vix!

thankfulvegasfinalthumbI’ve got a Thanksgiving gift for you! Today is the last day you can download “Thankful in Vegas”, a Thanksgiving romantic novella. It’s in Kindle Unlimited, and free for my fans this last weekend to help stuff your reading lists. Get lost in a novella while that turkey is cooking or while traveling to get to your Thanksgiving dinner.

Here is the link:

The Blurb:
Do dreams really come true?
They can in Las Vegas.

Fran Hurley is a maid at a Las Vegas hotel. Her dreams of being a showgirl have not materialized after moving to Las Vegas. In the middle of her cleaning shift, she breaks down, slumping into the towels of her maid cart. Along comes Dex Luxom, the owner of the hotel. Concerned why one of his employees is having a breakdown, he whisks her to the entertainment department of his hotel and gets her placed in one of the shows.
But her luck doesn’t stop there. Dex is interested in Fran, and won’t give up easily. Haunted by the fact she looks like his deceased wife, he can’t stay away from her. When Fran discovers he is a gambler, she decides she needs to take a chance with Dex, and finally be thankful she’s in Las Vegas.

Plus, my 2017 time travel romance release,Everything For Love: Time Rogues Book 1, is up for Best Book of 2017 with It has made the semi-finals, and needs your vote of support to make the finals. So, I’m asking you for your vote! I will be so grateful. Please follow the link below, and vote forEVERYTHING FOR LOVE: TIME ROGUES BOOK 1 in the paranormal category. 
Link to vote here:

Thank you so much for your support this year! I am so thankful for my fans. Have a fabulous Holiday season!

UPDATE: I just wanted to let everyone know, I didn’t final in the Top 50 Books of 2017 with Thanks everyone for voting and supporting me in trying. The effort is so appreciated. Maybe next time! Have a fantastic Holiday season! -Marilyn

2 thoughts on “Last Day for FREE Novella from Marilyn Vix: Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. joseyjoey says:

    Please i just saw the mail. I as really looking forward to reading your ebooks so please if there is the slightest chance that can be sent a valid link to download them it will be great. Thanks alot.

    • Tiffany Turner says:

      Greetings Josey. Many of Marilyn Vix’s books are available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Did you have trouble with the links? Which book? I’d like to check and fix if there is a problem on a page. Plus, if you follow the blog or subscribe to the newsletter, there are posts/messages sent out about promotions and deals. There will be a deal for some of Marilyn Vix’s books through during their After-Christmas/End of Year Sale. A post will go up on this website about it as the sale starts.

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