Read For Relief: Hurricane Harvey Indie Books for Relief Event

hurricane So, I’ve been just overwhelmed by the devastation of what I’m seeing on the news with Hurricane Harvey. Today I had an Everything For Love Wide Release Party scheduled, but my PR gal let me know a lot of readers and my followers are being affected. I already knew that many of my readers are down South. I just knew this wasn’t a time to celebrate, but help.

So, the original release party is being redesigned into a Harvey Relief Party. Authors are joining in to donate their book sales to help local charities in the Harvey relief process. I’m also gathering Indie authors from different genres to set up their books through a link to ebay or other on-line shopping websites where the sales from the book will be donated to a charity working on the Harvey Relief.

Since this is the early planning stages still, I’m asking any authors that stop by or on my blog list to help if you can. All you have to do is set up a sale link for your book or books through Ebay or another website. Send me the link, and I’ll put you on a master list that will be posted on this blog after Sept. 5.

Here is my first book posted for Read For Relief. It is a 7 day auction in which you can bid to win a signed paperback copy of Everything For Love. Free shipping! All proceeds go 100% to Red Cross efforts for Hurricane Harvey relief.

Everything For Love: Time Rogues Book 1 Read For Relief Link:

**If you are an author interested, please take a look at my Ebay ad. It is really easy to set up an auction and offer one of your books for sale. Sales are easily designated to the nonprofit of your choice, the Red Cross being one choice. Please join in with the effort!


**I’ll add other sale links when I find them.

***IF you’re interested, please post in comments.

Together, we can help through our love of reading and writing.

More info to come when known.



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