Last Day to Vote for Everything For Love on Kindle Scout


Kindle Scout Campaign ends Dec. 8, 2016.

This is it! Today is the last day to vote for my time travel romance, Everything For Love, on Kindle Scout. Over the last 30 days, I’ve been telling everyone, running Facebook promotions, tweeting, and in just general getting the word out about my first full length novel. I’ve been working on this story for three years, two years to write and one year of full editing. I am so proud to do a preview of it as a submission through Kindle Scout.

What’s Kindle Scout?

Kindle Scout is the Amazon submission program for their ebook press, Kindle Press. It replaced the annual “Amazon Breakout Novel” contest. Instead of publishing one book a year, Amazon now takes on continuous submissions that go through a 30 day campaign with readers that stop by the Kindle Scout website. A profile is uploaded of your manuscript (usually first two chapters), a blurb, cover, and tagline. Plus, there is a short author interview. With these enticements, readers can decide if they want to nominate your book to be published by Kindle Press.

So, today is the last day for nominations for my novel. If you like a good Time Travel Romance set in Paris 1899 and London 1914, suspense, Steampunk and a love triangle, check it out. Plus, the time machine is powered by sex. So, my heroine, Deidre, is quite a frisky girl. But I figured she’d have to be, especially since she comes from about 2160. Sex would have different society guidelines by then. But I digress. You can tell I had to do a lot of thinking about time travel and how to power her machine while writing this sci-fi romance.


If you so deem my novel worthy, you can also enter for a gift basket and Amazon Gift Card by posting a screen shot or mentioning you’d voted at this event on Facebook:

Facebook Event:

Or at this website:

I thank you for your consideration. I will be sure to follow up with results and share my whole Kindle Scout experience. Happy Holidays! -Marilyn




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