Marilyn Vix Flash Fiction Part Of Indie Anthology


Available for free on Kobo, Amazon, and Nook. 33 authors from multi genres bring fiction from horror to romance to fantasy.

Hi everyone! I know it looks like I’m not doing a lot of writing, but in reality, I’m writing up a storm. A lot of it is the fact I’m working on two manuscripts, one time travel novel and the other is a contemporary romance that I’m pitching soon to a Harlequin editor. So, that is why I haven’t had a book out in a while. But I have been writing flash fiction stories on the side. So, I’m happy to announce that a flash fiction anthology that has been in the works for a year and a half is finally out, and yours truly has a story in it.

It’s a little different than you might expect. It’s actually horror fiction. It’s a bit macabre, and definitely zombies make an appearance. So, it’s not a romance. It’s a step in a little different direction. I actually wrote it while I was cruising on the Rhone river through Holland, Germany, and France during the summer of 2014. Later, when looking for a story to include in the anthology, I rewrote and cleaned it up and submitted. And I got in!

My story is called “The Infected”. You’ll find it in the horror fiction section.

The anthology is called: Bite-Sized Stories: Flash Flood #1 It’s now listed for FREE on several retailers! Can’t beat that price. 😉

Here are links:






I hope you enjoy it! Stay tuned for other great new published works. -Marilyn

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