Book Review of The Razvak Hunter


The Razvak Hunter by Arel B. Grant is a debut fantasy novel that will have you lost in fantasy like Tolkien.

The Razvak Hunter by Arel B. Grant. Aelwyd is known as “The Fairest One”, pure and powerful, she carries the burden of the Rose of Vallenthar, a blood ruby that has formidable powers. She can never be truly touched by anyone except in private, and is haunted by the shadow creature that almost killed her in the past, The Razvak. Now, it has returned, and if she doesn’t kill it, it will destroy the Elven world.

But she can’t do it alone. Dalbran has been the ward of a warrior woman most of his life. He’s learned the arts of warfare at a painstaking pace throughout his life. No effection was spent on him, just hard lessons to craft him for battle. When his final test to hunt in the forest near his home finds him almost killed by the shadow creature stalking his dreams, a unicorn comes to save him. Together, they may be what Aelwyd will need to final hunt and destroy the Razvak once and for all.

This was a hard book to put down. Grant really builds an Elven world worthy of Tolkein proportions. It’s easy to get lost in it. You really feel the struggle of Aelwyd, and her burden of power. Dalbran is a brilliant counterpart to aid with Aelwyd’s quest. This is the first in a series, and it builds you up nicely for the next book surely to follow. Nice place to get lost, Vallenthar. If you enjoy a good, basic fantasy complete with elves, warriors with swords, and unicorns, this is a book for you.

***The Razvak Hunter is available on Amazon and as a Kindle Unlimited title. 


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