Interview with author J. Armitage

As we head into the nicer weather, it’s time to think about spring and summer reading. From the feedback I received from my paranormal romance blog tour in October, many followers loved hearing about other paranormal and fantasy authors and their books. So, I’ve enlisted some author friends to help with this. Over the next few weeks in April, I’ll be posting interviews and book reviews.
My first interview is with fellow paranormal author, J. Armitage. She’s participated in my paranormal romance blog tours, and I thought she’d be a great author to start out with. I check in with Ms. Armitage in regards to current projects, what motivates her, and what we can look forward to in the future.

J.Armitage is the author of “The Labyrinthians”. Book 2 in the series comes out on May 1.

1) What is your writing routine?

J. Armitage: I work full time and have children so I go into work two hours early and write. I put in two hours a day every week day and have weekends off.
2) What is your favorite thing a fan has said about your books?
J. Armitage: I’ve had so many lovely things said about my books. I love it when fans email me or contact me via social media. I think my favourite was when a fan said I was her favourite author. With all the amazing authors out there to chose from, I found that high praise indeed
3) What helps you motivate to write?
J. Armitage: One day I’d like to write full time. It’s that dream that motivates me. It means I can live anywhere in the world and not be tied to one place. It also means that I can go and do all the kids school things that I’ve missed because of work.
4) How would you summarize how writing is for you in one sentence?
J. Armitage: Like reading a good book but I get to control where the story goes. Maybe I’m just a control freak 🙂
5) What other projects or books are you working on right now?
J. Armitage: The Labyrinthians (The Labyrinthian Trilogy 1) is on pre-order now. Due out 10th April – My 21st (ahem 40th) birthday! The Labyrinthian Diamond (book 2) is out May 1st and I hope to have the last in the trilogy out June 1st. I’ve got a couple of stand alones half written and then a few ideas for a new series later in the year.
***J. Armitage’s books, The Labyrinthians, is available at Amazon. The next book in the series, The Labyrinthian Diamond (Book 2) is available on May 1st and is available for pre-order.

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