Paranormal Romance Blog Tour 2015 Day 5: Sneak Peaks/Giveaway Links Recap

Day 5 of the Paranormal Blog Tour: Sneak Peek

Day 5 of the Paranormal Blog Tour: Sneak Peek

Welcome to the last day of the 2015 Paranormal Romance Blog Tour. Today is the wrap up of all the fun with a sneak peak and other surprises from the participating authors. I’ll be giving a sneak peak from my current Time Travel Romance, Everything For Love. It’s also going to be one of my NaNoWriMo projects this year. I’m about half way through, and hope to write about 25K words to complete it. The other 25K to win NaNo will be for the next series in the Beware of Warlocks world that will involve Cassandra, Catherine’s mortal friend.

Support Marilyn Vix to write another year during NANO 2015!

Support Marilyn Vix to write another year during NANO 2015!

To help with my word goal and NaNo, I’m fundraising to sponsor myself for a ticket for the Night of Writing Dangerously on Nov. 15. It’s the special fundraising night for the website. It’s a Write-A-Thon dinner where everyone writes with a fabulous candy bar to help spur us towards our word count. Many people ring the bell of victory reaching the 50K at this event. I’m just happy to be able to make it. Of course, you’ll benefit from the writing that is done and that it supports the website and NaNo educational writing programs.

So, please consider a sponsorship. I’m giving away Beware of Warlocks swag with different levels of donation. LINK HERE TO THE NIGHT OF WRITING DANGEROUSLY SPONSOR PAGE!

Now, as promised, here is a sneak peek excerpt from Everything For Love:

**We find Deidre, the timenaut, in the middle of a shopping spree to get her to fit in with the new time period, 1914 London.

She directed the car to head over to the next dress shop. She wanted to get at least something purchased to insure she’ll make a splash at the next dinner. She looked out at the shops. They looked more deserted and shabby. People started to walk more on the street, with more wagons. Cars were less prevalent in this neighborhood.

Deidre noticed people starting to stop and look at her car more often. She leaned back in her seat, looking through the window, her blonde curls coming down out of her hat after the extensive fitting. She’d have to fix that later. She tried to tuck some back under the hat when the Napier pulled up at a shop.

It looked deserted. The pealing paint had the name Mercantile/Fabric, but everything appeared shut. It wasn’t the first time that information at been wrong on the GPS database. Some records weren’t as thorough as other time periods. She opened the door and got out to go to look at the windows.

She pressed up against the front window, and leaned to see in the shop. No lighting, with thick dust. It looked like it had been shut for some time. It was a shame. She was looking forward to wearing a famous designer. It would be a treat to see something in person than in a black and white jpeg.

Deidre heard a shuffle behind her and turned. Two men startled her as they walked up. They didn’t have suits and wore workers clothes that were disheveled. They were unshaven, and one was smoking a cigar. “Beg your pardon miss, but do you have a ‘Bob’ or two for some down and out folk like us. Been an awfully long time since we’ve had a meal.”

She held her purse with both hands, and stepped back. “I’m sorry. I don’t have any extra change really.”

“We’ll take what we need then.”

They came toward her, one grabbing her arm, as the other grabbed her purse. Deidre didn’t know what happened next except it seemed like a whirlwind of action. Another man came from the alley to the side, and jumped the man closest to him.

It gave her a chance to do a twist and pull the other man’s arm back until he begged for mercy. She’d only had to use the defense moves only once before, and turned to be ready for the new stranger. She turned to look at him, and was dazzled by his smile. It was him, the familiar stranger. The mysterious dark haired man looked focused and alert. He quickly dispatched the man she had in a lock, sending him spiraling to the dirt. The two men ran off quickly. He slapped his hands together. “We make a good team.”

For the last day of fabulous posts, visit the other participating authors in the blog tour.

**Here’s the list of giveaways for one last chance to enter:

1) Marilyn Vix’s Giveaway:

2) Sara Roethle’s Giveaway:

3) J. A. Armitage’s Giveaway:

4) Kessie Carroll’s Giveaway:

5) Ani Gonzalez’s Giveaway:

Last Chance for Book Discounts:

  • Books by Ani Gonzalez $0.99 discount Oct. 29-30

Sara Roethle’s Truth or Death is $0.99:

Sherry Soule’s Beautifully Broken is Free on Amazon until Oct. 31:

Plus, enjoy my newly released Beware of Warlocks Box Set. It’s Bewitched meets Eat, Pray, Love. Thank you for joining me and all of the participating authors in this multi-author blog tour. It makes it worth while that you stopped by. Until next year,  -Marilyn

The Beware of Warlocks Blog Tour Continues all next week. Check out today’s website at:

Deal Sharing Aunt : Interview with Marilyn


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