Paranormal Romance Blog Tour Day 3: Book Review

Day 3 of the Paranormal Blog Tour: Book Review

Day 3 of the Paranormal Blog Tour: Book Review

Welcome to the third day of the Paranormal Romance Blog Tour. Today on all participating author sites, you will find an array of different PR books. We’ve done some book swapping to get an idea of what we’ve all been writing. I have to say, it’s been fun seeing what everyone is up to in the paranormal writing world.

I’ve been reading participating author K.M. Caroll’s book Malevolent (The Puzzle Box Series Book 1).  And I was definitely surprised on how much I liked it. Of course, the main character lives in the San Joaquin Valley in Southern California. I grew up in the Santa Clara Valley, now known as the Silicon Valley. Plus, Caroll’s take on the undead is a new angle than I’ve read in other books. It has a scientific perspective on magic, and how it may work. This, being a long time Trekkie, got my attention.

Libby, sick from valley fever for the last six months, decides to cheer herself up by watching the arrival of the bees in her father’s almond orchard. Enter Mal. A reclusive beekeeper with unique hives, brody personality, and weird of all, he has all the makings of a vampire. Unlike her boyfriend that she longs to break up with when she has strength, her friendship with Mal develops into more than mere passing relationship. It could save her life. With Mal’s lifegiving honey, she starts to regain strength but slowly realizes the dark secrets Mal is hiding from her. She is pulled into his world of the dark undead hoping that if all else fails, what she learns can save them both.

I really couldn’t put this book down. It was incredible new spin on the undead with death motes versus life motes, a new molecule that is magic in the physical world. Keeping the balance between them is the key. The relationship between Mal and Libby is tense since it eventually becomes a love triangle. Even the aspect of a religious undead creature still suffering from his curse, but can be turned to tears by simple verse was new to me. Christian and being undead was definitely new.

Malevolent is available on Amazon. It is also a Kindle Unlimited title.

Malevolent is available on Amazon. It is also a Kindle Unlimited title.

I really like the new elements K.M Carroll brought into Malevolent. I’m looking forward to see what she continue to do with this series.

**** Four Star Rating

Malevolent by K.M Carroll is available at Amazon and is a Kindle Unlimited title.

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