My Stab At Fan Fiction: My Valentine’s Day Gift

Never Say Never: A Forever Knight Rewrite of the Last Episode Ending on Wattpad.

Never Say Never: A Forever Knight Rewrite of the Last Episode Ending on Wattpad.

I’ve sworn I’d never do it. I like to come up with my own original worlds and stories. But there are times that TV shows or movies just don’t go the way I think they should. That’s where the alternative story begins. That is so true for the Forever Knight series. It was a vampire series back in the early 90s. It basically involved an 800 year old vampire that was trying to redeem himself as a cop. It worked. No, really it did. And well.

I got hooked on it, and as usual, I would go off on story tangents. One of them is the way the series ended.

Here’s the introduction:

“Forever Knight was a vampire cop series that was aired in the early to mid 90s. It has an underground following that keeps it alive today. Nick Knight is the main character. He’s an 800 year old vampire that wants to be redeemed for his crimes against humanity. So, he becomes a cop. He fights crime, catches the bad guys, and drinks blood from the fridge at night.

Natalie Lambert is the city medical examiner that discovers his true identity. Through the series, she tries to help him return to his human state through scientific procedures. They both become closer over the years forming a romantic attraction that most fans hungered to see finally resolved. In the last scene of the series, Nick’s master, LaCroix is ready to help Nick with his final wish to die by the stake after he has sucked Natalie dry of blood. He raises the stake, and the series ends. There is no true answer. Many fans have their own idea of what follows. This is mine.”

So for those of you that know that the show ended differently, I dedicate this short story to. If you’ve never heard of the show, feel free to check it out on Wattpad. After all, it’s a Valentine’s Day gift for you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Link to Wattpad:

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