UPDATE: Paranormal Blog Tour Oct. 27-Oct. 31

2014PRblogtourThe Paranormal Blog Tour starts next week. I’ve been planning some interesting features that I haven’t seen in other blog tours. Several authors are combining together to post on their blogs, share giveaways, and share free or discounted review copies. It should be an exciting way to end October, and stock up on your Paranormal Romance reading.

Here are the authors thus far:

1) Marilyn Vix Series to Promote: Beware of Warlocks Series
Website/Blog: http://marilynvix.com

2) S.N. Graves Series to Promote: Look Back in Anger Series
Blog: http://disturbedgraves.blogspot.com

3) Sara C. Roethle Book to Promote: Falling Between
Website/Blog: http://saracroethle.com/

4) Ariana Hawkes Book to Promote: Isabelle and the Wolf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArianaHawkes

5) Aimee Easterling Book to Promote: Shiftless

Website/Blog: www.wetknee.com/news


Giveaways are still being set up. The links will be available during the week of the blog. Here is my giveaway that is set up and ready to start on Oct. 26. It will give you a taste of what is to be given away.


Free Review Book Coupons

Coupon codes will be posted for free or discounted books to read over and do a possible review.

Preview of Posts:

Authors will review each others books along with sneak previews. I’ve got some unique posts to put up myself.

This plans to be an exciting week, and a great way to get in the Spooky/Paranormal mood. Come back and check in for more information as it becomes available.


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