Preorder Never Fall For A Warlock: Release Date 6/23/14

Warlocks 2I’m all a gush with pride. The second novelette is done and up for preorder on Smashwords. Here’s the blurb to get you in the mood. Catherine has taken a chance on love. Another warlock has turned up in her life. Can she handle her new Aussie warlock, Jeff? Or is there something better around the corner? Confused between her husband cheating and a new flavor of warlock, Catherine runs out to find other options in the town famous for luck, Las Vegas. She runs straight into an exotic dancer named Liam. Irish, gorgeous, and James Bond flavored, he might be the answer to her no warlock plan. But Liam might be the forbidden fruit that could lead Catherine down a dangerous path. Will she run back to Jeff before it’s too late? Or will she lose something more than just her heart? Link to Smashwords for Preorder: More links will be coming in regards to other retailers like Barnes and Noble, Amazon and I wanted the first crack of preordering to be out and ready for all of you.    Preorder on Barnes and Noble at:, exciting release party plans are underway. A special release party is being planned through Book Monster Promotions for June 23. A new release event for NA Romance is going to be held on Facebook June23-24. I’m scheduled for 12pm-1pm on June 24th. I’ll be giving away free ebook copies of Never Fall For A Warlock for the best Las Vegas stories during my hour for the new release event. The link to the New Adult Romance Release Facebook Event: Lots of fun activities will be underway in the next two weeks. Look for discount coupons and more information for the Never Fall For A Warlock Release Party later in the week. -Marilyn

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