Listening To The Inner Muse

Take a break to listen to the inner muse.

Take a break to listen to the inner muse.

There is a fact that happens after each New Year’s Eve. The questions start. What will I expect from the New Year? Will I write the best seller? Why isn’t my books selling better? Can I write a new genre? Will I get a good review?

Well, sometimes, you don’t know. You’ve got to step away, and just let it happen. But you just can’t write that good book. Your inner muse has to synthesize it for you. The only way that can happen is time. Give it all time. Walk away, and do something else, and the inner muse will speak.

I’ve been kicking the idea around for a NA Romance. I had several ideas in mind, and they weren’t connecting. I worked on another project for awhile, trusting the inner muse would connect the dots somehow.

Then one morning, I woke from a terrifying dream involving one of my past friends from those good ole’ college days. I woke with the thought, “She didn’t die that way.” Struggling with the horrors I’d been dreaming, I thought, “But what if she did?”

The rest of the day, I went to the mall, mailed a review copy of my book, and tried to get to Office Depot for some ink cartridges. Literally, the images kept replaying through my mind. As I’m walking from one store to another, the dots connected. My real life experiences were drawn up into some powerful ideas until it all spit out as a plot, all while walking from Target to my car. Literally, I had to concentrate to drive, but I didn’t want the muse to stop.

I finished the last errand, headed the car home, and drove directly to my laptop. Getting as much written as I could, I started that NA Romance novel. The dots are connecting, and I can see it better. Somehow I trusted the inner muse to start it for me when she was ready. Trust is the biggest first step. It will happen when it’s ready.

Of course, this sucks when you got deadlines. But this is why I have different projects. Switching from one to another seems to unleash some subconscious explosion that will solve the problem when you least expect it. Sometimes that stop to take a moment, or do errands, can make all the difference.

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