Success One Day At A Time

Marilyn Vix looks back at 2013

Marilyn Vix looks back at 2013

2013 has been a year to not hold back. “Why not” has been my favorite catch phrase as it propels me into the realms of Romance writing. Really. The sound of Romance novelist rings within me. I stopped thinking about it, and did something. Now, I’ve got the first novelette published, second in process and scheduled with my editor. Nothing like a deadline to motivate. Plus, my Time Travel romance is half done. It’s been a good year to live the dream.

But has it been a success? It depends on how you measure success. I’ve sold copies enough to buy a couple nice dinners. I’ve got my novelette listed on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.  I’ve got a blog/website started, and I’m building an email list and fan base. I’ve found some great writing advice on I took the step off the cliff. That is something. It could be everything. You have to try.

I still have my day job. I promise you. I’ve almost quit twice in the last four months. But writing has kept me going. It doesn’t pay for the mortgage, yet. But I keep hearing the phrase, backlist, write more. Really, no product, no sales. So, that’s my plan for 2014. Write more. I’ve got two more planned novelettes in the series, and then I’ll bundle them all together. It’s all about bundles. But I have to write them first. Plus, the Time Travel novel might take another year, just with finishing and editing.

Sometimes I wish I wrote faster. But, at least I write. I try. I keep writing, and look forward to next year, full of fans, sales, and more books. Nothing is stopping me but myself. It started with the jump off the cliff. I’m feel like I’ve hit the ground, running.

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$1.00 Sale from Dec. 23- Jan. 6, 2014

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